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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random photos - sweet coat, Mardi Gras, hair and pussy...cat. wk of 2-20-12

 Some random photos from last week.
Above: houndstooth vintage coat -$25
flea market (detail at right)

Left - random hair style I liked
Orange and maroon flower clips -
H & M (sold as pairs; $3.99 a pair)
Necklace - Claire's (gift?)
Make up - Urban Decay
Gems- scrapbook decals
Muscle tank - H & M $3 (gift card)
Tank with shoulder strings - $5 Wet Seal

Bracelet (bottom left) $1 flea market
Deer statues - vintage $.99-3 each
Somebody needs to clean their mirror!!
 Mardi Gras look  

I <3 pigtails.

The red lip stain is Revlon, a gift from a friend.
It really does stay on all night...into the next day.
You have to scrub it off with soap - hard!
silver vintage shirt - $2 Salvation Army
black dress - $4 Amvets
red unicorn tie - .99 Amvets
music pin - ???
"clackers" (hair ties with balls *snicker*) -
Eve's Beauty Shop. That's the weave store in my hood,
which has loads of adorable hair stuff super cheap.
$1.00 for a pack with 10 pair, all different jewel tones.
Make up - Toki Doki (Adios pallette), red mascara - Hot Topic
Gems - scrapbook stuff; earrings - Brighton (gift)
eyeliner - Urban Decay liquid in Perversion 

And this is my adorable (and very old) ragimuffin cat,
Marisol, who I loving refer to as Little Mama and Lady Kitty and never by her real name. (I got my vintage table with 4 chairs for $7.50 at a yard sale when I was 20.)

I got her from Jake's Place cat shelter in South Buffalo
in spring of '07. She was very badly abused and lived under my couch for a long time after I brought her home. It took her 5 months to lay on my lap. She is now a total sweetheart who loves cuddling. That's right, I plan to be a creepy cat lady.

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