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New homeowner in Black Rock, Buffalo NY. Bachelors in art ed, masters in social studies/ special ed, job where I use neither. Addiction to thrifting, tights/leggings, boots, VHS tapes and liquid eyeliner. Enjoy painting, drawing and occasionally some chalk on the sidewalk. Love de- and reconstructing clothes, knitting, making jewelry and experimenting with fun eye makeup and hair color changes. Love the outdoors, learning to garden, practicing composter. Obsessed with greening up my life but not a preachy, pretentious jerk about the subject (maybe a bit pushy on the recycling thing *cough*). Loads of interests, small circle of friends, always looking for more of both. My fashion is influenced by street style, movies, comics, and my imagination.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I've been slacking! April outfits

I've been really slacking on my fashion blog, which is more for my amusement (and to keep track of what I actually wear, versus what I can get rid of.

Above oufit: Red Asian jacket - $5 Amvets, leopard dress with red trim - $5 goodwill, black dress - $3 Amvets, red shoes - $3 Amvets, Kali tank top - $3 Amvets, barrettes - $1, dollar store, tights - old as dirt, bracelets - Avtar's World Bazaar, various other sources $3, vintage rings - gift, unicorn necklace - gift, vintage choker - $1 Amvets 
- outfit total - $24

Above outfit - Vintage coat - my mom's, sweater boots - $7 Old Navy, heatherd tights - $5 target, fingerless knitted gloves - $3.50 Terrapin Station, grey cap sleeved t shirt - $2.50 Amvets, black dress $3 Amvets, grey, tan and brown cardigan - $4 Amvets (West Seneca), butterfly clips - won at Kenmore Lanes bowling alley, bracelet - $1 flea market, Ohm necklace - $3 Avtar's World Bazaar
                                                           Outfit Total - $ 29

Above outfit - Orange hoodie T - $3 Amvets, black dress $3 Amvets, red tights - older than dirt, fingerless gloves (made from regular gloves myself) $1 Amvets (West Seneca), Volatile platform Mary Janes - $4 Amvets, red necklace - $1 Claire's, knockers (hair ties with balls) $1 for 5 pairs at Eve's Beauty Supply (Tonawanda St in Black Rock), sunglasses - $2 Superflea (aka the dirt mall)

                                                            Outfit total - $ 15

Above outfit - vintage look cardigan - $3 Amvets (West Seneca), black cargo pocket snap dress - $4 Amvets, tomato soup tights - $5 Target, frilly white corset dress - $7 Wet Seal, vintage white necklace - $.50 Superflea, hair roses - $3.50 a pair H & M, real leather cowboy boots $10 from a buddy, lace glovelets - made by my mom for a Halloween party before I was born, large black ring - gift certificate H & M, vintage rings - gift, bracelets - gift
                                                             Outfit total - $33