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New homeowner in Black Rock, Buffalo NY. Bachelors in art ed, masters in social studies/ special ed, job where I use neither. Addiction to thrifting, tights/leggings, boots, VHS tapes and liquid eyeliner. Enjoy painting, drawing and occasionally some chalk on the sidewalk. Love de- and reconstructing clothes, knitting, making jewelry and experimenting with fun eye makeup and hair color changes. Love the outdoors, learning to garden, practicing composter. Obsessed with greening up my life but not a preachy, pretentious jerk about the subject (maybe a bit pushy on the recycling thing *cough*). Loads of interests, small circle of friends, always looking for more of both. My fashion is influenced by street style, movies, comics, and my imagination.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Clearly my love of argyle can't be overstated...

Argyle cardigan $3 Amvets of West Seneca
Necklace $1 junk shop in Delaware
Peacock Bag $8 Avtar's World Bazaar
Combat Boots $4 Amvets of Buffalo - Elmwood Ave
Tank Top $3 H &M
orange mesh top $2 Amvets of Buffalo
Skirt $3 Amvets of Buffalo
Outfit total - $24    all make up Urban Decay   vintage table set $7 yard sale

Argyle Cardigan $3 Amvets of West Seneca
tights $5 Target
sweater boots $7 Old Navy
hair flower $2 set of two
vintage necklace $5 antique store
knee high socks gift
black dress $4 Amvets of Buffalo
black w white piping top $3 Amvets of Buffalo
Outfit total - $30  All eye make up Urban Decay, blush Tokidoki, lip gloss Eve's Beauty $1

White argyle cardigan $3 Amvets of West Seneca
plaid skirt $4 Amvets of Buffalo
black lace shoulder top $2 Salvation Army of Bath
motorcycle boots $4 Amvets of Buffalo
leggings $4 Forever 21
vintage necklace .99 Amvets of Buffalo
Oufit total $17.99

All hairdye this page Joico

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I've been slacking! April outfits

I've been really slacking on my fashion blog, which is more for my amusement (and to keep track of what I actually wear, versus what I can get rid of.

Above oufit: Red Asian jacket - $5 Amvets, leopard dress with red trim - $5 goodwill, black dress - $3 Amvets, red shoes - $3 Amvets, Kali tank top - $3 Amvets, barrettes - $1, dollar store, tights - old as dirt, bracelets - Avtar's World Bazaar, various other sources $3, vintage rings - gift, unicorn necklace - gift, vintage choker - $1 Amvets 
- outfit total - $24

Above outfit - Vintage coat - my mom's, sweater boots - $7 Old Navy, heatherd tights - $5 target, fingerless knitted gloves - $3.50 Terrapin Station, grey cap sleeved t shirt - $2.50 Amvets, black dress $3 Amvets, grey, tan and brown cardigan - $4 Amvets (West Seneca), butterfly clips - won at Kenmore Lanes bowling alley, bracelet - $1 flea market, Ohm necklace - $3 Avtar's World Bazaar
                                                           Outfit Total - $ 29

Above outfit - Orange hoodie T - $3 Amvets, black dress $3 Amvets, red tights - older than dirt, fingerless gloves (made from regular gloves myself) $1 Amvets (West Seneca), Volatile platform Mary Janes - $4 Amvets, red necklace - $1 Claire's, knockers (hair ties with balls) $1 for 5 pairs at Eve's Beauty Supply (Tonawanda St in Black Rock), sunglasses - $2 Superflea (aka the dirt mall)

                                                            Outfit total - $ 15

Above outfit - vintage look cardigan - $3 Amvets (West Seneca), black cargo pocket snap dress - $4 Amvets, tomato soup tights - $5 Target, frilly white corset dress - $7 Wet Seal, vintage white necklace - $.50 Superflea, hair roses - $3.50 a pair H & M, real leather cowboy boots $10 from a buddy, lace glovelets - made by my mom for a Halloween party before I was born, large black ring - gift certificate H & M, vintage rings - gift, bracelets - gift
                                                             Outfit total - $33

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Pornocizing of Alternative Fashion

Ever notice when you try to look up anything concerning alternative fashion or alternative women, especially in conjunction with a word like movie or film, your entire search is heavy-laden with porn and dating sites promising you “rocker-chick honeys”?

Does anyone else find it odd that alt girls have become the modern equivalent of African-American women who were heavily exploited in white-centered porn 20 years ago for their appeal as something "forbidden" and “exotic”? In the same way it wasn’t considered “acceptable” for a “nice” white guy to like black girls in the past (and sadly some places this thought process still exists) it’s not okay for “normal” guys to admit they like alt or artsy girls in their “real world” lives. Thus we (I’m just throwing myself in the artsy/alt group here, versus thinking I speak for everyone who is in it) are trivialized to objects of fantasy, locked away in the not-so-real-world internet lives of men the globe over. Think of sites like Suicide Girls and hundreds of others focused around "amateur" emo, punk, goth and non-label alt models and “actresses” (ahem) that commodify certain looks in conjunction with stereotypical behaviors to titillate a largely non-alt audience. These sites claim to be expanding the modern notion of beauty, trying to reflect some of the flack thrown their way by making claims about feminist sub-agendas, but they tend to choose girls with features, weight, body shape and skin color that adhere fairly strictly to what is shown in Playboy, film, tv and other pop culture media as the “standard” of beauty. Throwing a nose ring and blue hair on a 5’9”, 120 pound, tanned, Caucasian, C cup girl with high cheek bones and pouting lips does not really count as “expanding notions of beauty.”
"Alternative" model?

Umm hey... are they twins?

If a guy does approach an alt/artsy girl in “real life” they often do it with a variety of preconceived notions. Here are a few stereotypical reactions to dating an alt girl I’ve experienced or witnessed.

The Hipster: “An alt/artsy girl is going to give me “street cred,” make me look cool and probably get me in with artsy/alt scene people. I’m alt/artsy so I can’t date a girl who isn’t – her personality is inconsequential. If she doesn’t turn out to be “plugged in” to the alt pipeline, or other people don't think she's cool,  I’ll criticize her for being a poser, because she’s not allowed to dress alt if she’s not a starving-artist-bohemian knows-all-the-cool-people type.”

The Player: “You have dyed hair, unusual clothes and/or piercings/tattoos so you must be slutty, a huge partier, more into “freaky” stuff in the bedroom, open relationships, etc. If you aren’t like that I’ll criticize you for not living up to your “look,” because everyone KNOWS you dress like that to lure in guys.”

The Boy Next Door: “I’m doing you a favor dating you. I could get a hot normal girl that would make my parents and conservative friends more comfortable, because they think you are weird or have mental problems due to your dress style, so if you want to keep me you better play down that alt image when you’re around those people. If we’re hanging with a younger, cool crowd I’ll expect you to alt up as much as possible to show off, confusing the crap out of you.”

The Bored-with-Life Guy: “Because she’s artsy she’s going to shake my life up and introduce me to this wild world of romance and adventure. When she turns out to be fairly “normal” and not make every day a copy of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind I’ll blame her for “false advertising” and get bored fast, moving on to the next girl who take me out of the rut I’m in.”

Obviously I’m hugely generalizing/ stereotyping here, but to make a point. Why would someone place so many ideals and behaviors at the feet of clothing/hair styles? Why should I, or anyone, be expected to have some specific personality traits, hobbies or types of friends because I like non-mainstream fashion? Let me throw out here that I’m not a prude – I have nothing against polyamory, one night stands, recreational drug use or general debaucherous behavior so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone – and women displaying their sexuality isn’t offensive to me in the slightest. I'm also not hating on alt models who happen to be "pop culture standard" attractive - yes, they're all hotter than me, I get it. It’s when people exploit alt women, expect them to be a carbon copy of a fashion model but with alt trappings and/or pigeonhole them into a certain lifestyle/ personality that they have to live up to that I’m annoyed. I missed the part in fashion magazines where liking leopard print, having blue hair and wearing platform shoes meant you have to be an emotional basket case, coke whore, or Super Scene Sally.

I own a house. I work a 40 hour a week non-artsy job. I'm in a monogomous relationship. I have never done drugs and rarely party. I'm not "in" with any scenesters in my city. None of these things have shit to do with what kind of clothes I like, how I style my hair or how I do my make up, nor do they mean I don't have the "right" to do so without being considered a poser or not living up to my "image."

All images are not by me or of me. Please don't sue. It's practically impossible to get original credits for stuff on the 'net.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


 Orange blazer - Amvets (Cheektowaga) $7
(great tailoring, nice fabric, fully lined)
Asian 3/4 sleeve top - $3 Amvets (Buffalo)
dress $7 H & M; boots $4 Amvets
Necklace - ??? I've had this like 10 years
Tights - Urban Outfitters $5 (sale, usually $14)
ring - .99 (vintage store in Ithaca)
make up - Urban Decay

I just have to comment. I almost NEVER buy anything at UO.
They are way too pricey, even for sales, but I'm always eyeing up their cool tights.These are a great tomato soup orangey color with a cool weave. However, they are not that great of quality. Poor stretchiness and I purposely bought a bigger size so I was on the smaller end of the size
they claim they are for. Also, they had some small runs in them, right out of the package. *sigh* OK for the sale price.

Random photos - sweet coat, Mardi Gras, hair and pussy...cat. wk of 2-20-12

 Some random photos from last week.
Above: houndstooth vintage coat -$25
flea market (detail at right)

Left - random hair style I liked
Orange and maroon flower clips -
H & M (sold as pairs; $3.99 a pair)
Necklace - Claire's (gift?)
Make up - Urban Decay
Gems- scrapbook decals
Muscle tank - H & M $3 (gift card)
Tank with shoulder strings - $5 Wet Seal

Bracelet (bottom left) $1 flea market
Deer statues - vintage $.99-3 each
Somebody needs to clean their mirror!!
 Mardi Gras look  

I <3 pigtails.

The red lip stain is Revlon, a gift from a friend.
It really does stay on all night...into the next day.
You have to scrub it off with soap - hard!
silver vintage shirt - $2 Salvation Army
black dress - $4 Amvets
red unicorn tie - .99 Amvets
music pin - ???
"clackers" (hair ties with balls *snicker*) -
Eve's Beauty Shop. That's the weave store in my hood,
which has loads of adorable hair stuff super cheap.
$1.00 for a pack with 10 pair, all different jewel tones.
Make up - Toki Doki (Adios pallette), red mascara - Hot Topic
Gems - scrapbook stuff; earrings - Brighton (gift)
eyeliner - Urban Decay liquid in Perversion 

And this is my adorable (and very old) ragimuffin cat,
Marisol, who I loving refer to as Little Mama and Lady Kitty and never by her real name. (I got my vintage table with 4 chairs for $7.50 at a yard sale when I was 20.)

I got her from Jake's Place cat shelter in South Buffalo
in spring of '07. She was very badly abused and lived under my couch for a long time after I brought her home. It took her 5 months to lay on my lap. She is now a total sweetheart who loves cuddling. That's right, I plan to be a creepy cat lady.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Funday Funday Funday - new hair color!

My Sunday outfit, for fun with my best friend. My stylist got some great dye for FREE and was kind enough to use it on me, as I already had (less awesome) red and orange dye to use up from CosmoProf. It is definitely the most vibrant color I've had in so far (shown in bottom pictures, top pics are with my previous faded color).
The new hair pictures are NOT color altered.

 Okay, so I know black and hot pink (particularly hot pink plaid mini) are very cliche mall goth but I was feeling feisty today. It was a perfect trifecta - Chinese food at Chang Garden and Amvets in West Seneca (I got such a haul - new post soon?) then on to Cheektovegas to my stylist's house to get my hair colored and cut.

guitar t-dress - gift
black sweater top $2 Salvation Army
pink plaid skirt $5 Amvets thrift store
argyle leggings $5 CW Price
knee high socks - $3 Target
MIA combat boots - $4 Amvets
pink scarf - $.99 Amvets (this
reminds me of Jem & the Holograms)


Necklace - $2 Amvets


 Shadow -
grey - Urban Decay Vegan Pallette

white - Avon liquid (this stuff is crap, given to me as a gift, I only use it to highlight my brow- burns my eyes if I put it near them)
lilac - Claire's; pink Hot Topic; liner - Urban Decay

I did a little side-swept 'do.I'm trying to get an idea of whether I want an undercut. Thrown up quick, no product.


 Left - thumb ring ?? Savannah, beach botique
large ring - $7 H &M (gift card)

Below- Indian "glass" bracelets Avtar's World Bazaar .20 cents each
Rubber bracelets - Hot Topic $1
Rings - gifts

 Union Bay coat - purchased at World's Largest Yard Sale on the Hamburg Fair Grounds, $5.

Bag - $2.99 Amvets

Sunglasses $1 Amvets

Mittens $5 H & M (gift card)

New hair below!!!! I can't believe how vibrant this is.


Outfits under $30 - 2/15 and 2/16

I went a little old school for this one and as you can see from the angle my bf is quite tall.

Blue sweater top: $4 Amvets thrift store; tank top $3 H & M (gift card), silver glitter skirt $12 vintage shop in Pittsburgh (2005), cyber strappy boots $4 Amvets, flocked leopard tights $5 Target; necklace - gift (all 3 strands are one piece); scarf .99 cents Amvets

 Shadows - Tokidoki Robbery Pallette (Gunmetal, Adios, Ninja Dog)

 black liquid & pencil liners - Urban Decay, Perversion

 gloss Hard Candy     blue ring (below) - gift

Barrette - from childhood

Outfit total, minus make up and gifts: $29



ss $7 H & M, grey sweater - $4 Amvets thrift store, red tights $1 Claire's,
leg warmers $1 Amvets,
                          maroon faux patent Mary Jane's $3 Amvets;
necklace - gift          Natural skin and brows.                                              
Make up - Gunmetal, Adios by Tokidoki from Adios Pallette (from Robbery Pallette)
Liquid liner (in black): Perversion by Urban Deay; red liquid liner Hot Topic; glitter liner - Hard Candy (gift)

A word on Hot Topic & Hard Candy make up - it's not bad at all for cheap stuff. As I've gotten older I've become more concerned with buying things from fair-wage countries, as well as with general quality and animal testing concerns. Obviously, you are going to spend a pretty penny buying something that meets those requirements. I occasionally give in to my inner cheap skate (and inner 12 year old) and pick something up at Hot Topic or *gasp* Wal-Mart (my best friend works there...I walk in to say hi and BAM I'm in front of the Hard Candy display; it's the only thing I can't resist from there and to my knowledge they are the only store to carry it offline). The VERY cheap items supplement my growing collection of Tokidoki and Urban Decay. I haven't really been disappointed by anything I've sampled from either brand, considering my low expectations. The Hot Topic matte shadows are quite pigmented (although they migrate more than something pricier) and their colored liners aren't watery. I have a great red mascara from them as well I picked up for $1.99.  Hard Candy makes great liquid shadows, glitter liner and super slick lipgloss - all with staying power and non-offensive to the senses. No skimping on glitter either!  It's obviously not the quality of something they would carry at Sephora but it's equal to many dep't store brands but with a more alternative edge than they may offer. Definitely much better than dollar store/generic/ELF product.


 Barrette - from childhood

Outfit total, minus make up and gifts - $19