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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outfits under $30 - 2/15 and 2/16

I went a little old school for this one and as you can see from the angle my bf is quite tall.

Blue sweater top: $4 Amvets thrift store; tank top $3 H & M (gift card), silver glitter skirt $12 vintage shop in Pittsburgh (2005), cyber strappy boots $4 Amvets, flocked leopard tights $5 Target; necklace - gift (all 3 strands are one piece); scarf .99 cents Amvets

 Shadows - Tokidoki Robbery Pallette (Gunmetal, Adios, Ninja Dog)

 black liquid & pencil liners - Urban Decay, Perversion

 gloss Hard Candy     blue ring (below) - gift

Barrette - from childhood

Outfit total, minus make up and gifts: $29



ss $7 H & M, grey sweater - $4 Amvets thrift store, red tights $1 Claire's,
leg warmers $1 Amvets,
                          maroon faux patent Mary Jane's $3 Amvets;
necklace - gift          Natural skin and brows.                                              
Make up - Gunmetal, Adios by Tokidoki from Adios Pallette (from Robbery Pallette)
Liquid liner (in black): Perversion by Urban Deay; red liquid liner Hot Topic; glitter liner - Hard Candy (gift)

A word on Hot Topic & Hard Candy make up - it's not bad at all for cheap stuff. As I've gotten older I've become more concerned with buying things from fair-wage countries, as well as with general quality and animal testing concerns. Obviously, you are going to spend a pretty penny buying something that meets those requirements. I occasionally give in to my inner cheap skate (and inner 12 year old) and pick something up at Hot Topic or *gasp* Wal-Mart (my best friend works there...I walk in to say hi and BAM I'm in front of the Hard Candy display; it's the only thing I can't resist from there and to my knowledge they are the only store to carry it offline). The VERY cheap items supplement my growing collection of Tokidoki and Urban Decay. I haven't really been disappointed by anything I've sampled from either brand, considering my low expectations. The Hot Topic matte shadows are quite pigmented (although they migrate more than something pricier) and their colored liners aren't watery. I have a great red mascara from them as well I picked up for $1.99.  Hard Candy makes great liquid shadows, glitter liner and super slick lipgloss - all with staying power and non-offensive to the senses. No skimping on glitter either!  It's obviously not the quality of something they would carry at Sephora but it's equal to many dep't store brands but with a more alternative edge than they may offer. Definitely much better than dollar store/generic/ELF product.


 Barrette - from childhood

Outfit total, minus make up and gifts - $19

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